As health care reform produces a surge in newly insured people seeking care, hospitals will be under constant pressure to keep pace. Pharmacy retailers are responding by building out integrated care solutions to alleviate this burden. As pharmacy retailers deepen their commitment and broaden their direct care services, they are subject to new accountable and outcome-based reimbursement models. The shift from selling the drug to demonstrating healthy outcomes has been a catalyst for innovation in pharmacy connected care models that measure, monitor and guide health and therapy regimens.

Connected personalized care for pharmacy

By connecting pharmacists, consumers, and their devices, we are helping activate patients, improve medication adherence, and guide therapies at scale. Leveraging the robust and flexible connectivity of the 2net™ Platform, we are helping to create a more personalized care experience for consumers, while helping pharmacists become more informed and active members of the care team. We provide:

of adults are non-adherent - not filling a new prescription or taking less than the recommended dose1
Whether transitioning from a hospital to the home or managing a chronic condition such as heart disease or diabetes, Walgreens connectivity solution powered by Qualcomm Life will allow us to help our customers achieve improved health through regular biometric communication with their providers," Walgreens Divisional Vice President of Digital Health said. "Additionally, Qualcomm Life's platforms help us to reward participating customers for their choice to become more informed and engaged in their health care.

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1“Take as Directed: A Prescription Not Followed,” Research conducted by The Polling Company. National Community Pharmacists Association December 16, 2006