As health outcomes become the primary measure and currency for payers and health systems, drug manufacturers are developing new business models and looking to connectivity to gain deeper insights into their patient populations and deliver better outcomes, through improved medication adherence and supporting diagnostic information. Additionally, with trial costs escalating and new targeted therapies emerging, new clinical trial solutions are required to accelerate the trial process with better science, while making it more convenient for patients to participate.

Connected therapies for better outcomes

Our reference designs for wireless, integrated connectivity modules power drug delivery and diagnostic devices. This simplifies clinical trials for patients and study investigators, enable improved adherence and effortless experiences for chronic disease patients, as well as streamlining their experience. 2net™ Design leverages Qualcomm Life’s deep wireless expertise and technologies to enable scalable, cost-effective connected therapies.

deaths per year in the US are attributed to medication non-compliance1
Novartis supports patients being empowered to make it easier for them to manage their chronic conditions,” said David Epstein, Head Novartis Pharmaceuticals. “By enabling near real time data capture [through Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform] from the patient and the connected Breezhaler™ device, patients can monitor their own adherence to the medication they take which is vital to their health outcomes.

Why Qualcomm Life

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1 Atreja A, Bellam N, Levy S. Strategies to enhance patient adherence: Making it simple. Medacapt Gen Med. 2005:7(1):