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As our population continues to age, the burden of care transitions, managing chronic disease, and hospital readmissions has become daunting. Medicare estimates that $17 billion in readmission costs each year are avoidable.2 To manage the clinical and financial toll of this huge population of patients, health systems are searching for models that safely and efficiently manage at-risk patient populations in remote care settings.

Bridging care settings and informing care

Our solutions are helping to improve care transitions, reduce readmissions, and enable scalable chronic care management models from hospital to home, and at all points in between. Our advanced 2net Connectivity Platform unlocks vital post-acute care data in near real-time. This helps providers to manage patients with chronic conditions remotely, to focus resources more effectively, and to make informed interventions. 2net users enjoy assets such as:

71¢ of every dollar of US health care spending goes to treating people with multiple chronic conditions (MCC)1

As health systems focus on predictable outcomes in the hospital and beyond, we have engineered our connected health solutions to inform continuous care and improve access to and security of data across care settings.

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