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Powering Intelligent Care Everywhere

The industry leader in connected health, Qualcomm Life is creating a world where medical-grade care is ‘always on’ and available to patients, regardless of care setting. Where end-to-end connectivity solutions can be deployed rapidly and securely, and data integration can be seamless, flexible, and device-agnostic. In this new world, health data is liberated and insights are unlocked, creating new intelligent models of care.

Qualcomm pioneered the mobile revolution. With more than 7 billion connections worldwide, mobile is the largest technology platform in history. Three decades later, Qualcomm Life is leading a new revolution -- the Internet of Medical Things.

Qualcomm Life’s 2net™ and Capsule Platforms capture, connect, integrate and analyze data into hospital EMR and other enterprise systems to enable rapid and secure data management. This helps enhance clinical workflows, improves operational efficiencies, and enables informed interventions across the care continuum.

Our medical-grade platforms and expansive open ecosystem enable leading health care companies to scale their solutions and realize the benefits of secure, near real-time patient and consumer data. Our rich heritage in mobile and digital helps these companies future-proof their roadmaps and envision new connected health opportunities for next-generation products and therapies.

From hospital to home and all points in between, Qualcomm Life is powering new standards of connected and personalized patient-centered care.

2net is a product of Qualcomm Life, Inc.
Capsule is a product of Capsule Technologie SAS.

Mission + Vision

Our Qualcomm Life Mission

We keep healthy people healthy, help patients recover faster and empower people with chronic conditions to achieve a better quality of life. Guided by a commitment to quality, we connect clinicians, caregivers, and patients by delivering timely data and insights in the hospital, at home, and all points in between.

Our Vision

Connect the world to health care anytime, anywhere.

Help form the future of health care with Qualcomm Life

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