2net™ Mobile

Scalable Mobile Care

2net Mobile transforms smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices into secure medical-grade gateways to the cloud-based 2net Platform. Embedded into third-party mobile applications, this innovative software module allows the secure capture and transmission of vital medical device data for patients in the home and on-the-go. 2net Mobile:

2net Mobile offers a scalable connectivity solution to enable patient engagement and medication management solutions that are helping guiding ideal patient behavior and delivering on the promise of personalized, patient centered care.

Davita HealthCare Partners, one of the largest medical groups and physician network operators, provides integrated care management for approximately 830,000 patients, more than 600,000 of which live in California and represent diverse cultures, socioeconomic groups, ages, and health statuses. The company has integrated Qualcomm Life’s 2net Mobile into a coordinated care program for patients with heart failure (HF).
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